Optimal immunity helps protect against Covid-19

A novel nutraceutical aid to enhance your natural immunity

Immune Modulation

By maximally boosting & supporting the immune system the incidence of viral diseases (including Covid19) should be reduced and the disease symptoms may be ameliorated.

Evidence based medicine (EBM) Nutraceutical Immune Modulation

Beta 1:3/1:6 Glucan (from Saccharomysis Cerevisiae) combined with Ascorbic acid and Zinc gluconate has been proven to act as a scientifically verifiable immune stimulant.




Rinton is Research into Nutraceuticals

At Rinton we subscribe to the adage of “Research into Nutraceuticals”. We strongly believe that Nutraceutical formulations need to be based on Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM). This means that all of our formulations are done on the basis of the latest scientific research published in reputable scientific medical journals. By constantly striving to stay ahead of the ever-evolving science of Nutraceuticals we offer you as a patient the best current scientific product combinations as an aid in managing your immune system and disease symptoms.

Experience nature’s goodness
Developed by leading experts (for real)
No side-effects


2 reviews for FluTreat

  1. Elsabe

    Ek wil net baie dankie sê vir die wonderlike produkte van Rinton!! Ons as gesin drink
    nou al 9 maande FLUVERT en het 14 Junie 2021 positief getoets met COVID-19!! Maar te danke aan fluvert het ons hele gesin baie ligte simptome gehad sal dit vir enige iemand aanbeveel en wil ook baie dankie sê vir dr Ockert vir die beste vitamiene sakkie op die mark💪💪 wil net vir die mense wat dit lees sê bestel jou Fluvert en Flutreat vandag en moenie eers tweekeer dink daaroor nie!!

  2. Zanelle Marais

    Ek het onlangs die Covid19 entstof ontvang en het tipiese simptome gehad daarna maar FluTreat het my simptome vinnig opgeklaar. ‘n Week later het ek egter positief getoets vir Covid19 met minimale simptome aangesien ek steeds FluTreat aanhou gebruik het. Ons was wel ‘n paar dae voor dit weg saam met ‘n groep van ongeveer 10 mense vir byna ‘n week en nie een van hul het simptome ontwikkel nie, ingesluit my man en kinders. FluTreat tesame met FluVert is al wat ek gebruik het om volkome te herstel. My hele gesin gebruik ook FluVert voorkomend daagliks. Hierdie produkte is fantasties en verseker ‘n moet in elke huishouding!

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2 reviews for ArthriCare

  1. Charl Otto

    Buying products from Rinton’s online store is quick and easy. I can buy these products online whenever I need them and have them delivered straight to my door within a couple of days. They also have many payment methods which is super convenient!

  2. Cornel Koorts

    Ever since I have started using Rinton’s natural products, my health has significantly improved. Their product descriptions are clear and to the point so I know exactly which product to purchase depending on the what my body is telling me it needs. I would highly recommend all of Rinton’s products

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3 reviews for FluVert

  1. Danita

    We have been using Fluvert since March 2020. My daughter came to visit over Christmas and contracted Covid on her way to us. My mother of 81 was also visiting at that time. My husband has high blood pressure and cholesterol. Although the 3 of us were in close contact with my daughter for 3 days after testing positive none of us got Covid. I can only prescribe that to the fact that the 3 of us were drinking FluVert everyday from March.

  2. Elsabe


  3. Leon en Dalien Meyer

    We have been using Fluvert since March 2020.We’ve been using it on and off as a preventative meassure for sore throat,flu symptoms and sinusitis.We would then increase the dosage and had an immediate positive result.We find the product palatable and easy to use.We fully endorse it for the prevention of covid-19.

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Rinton products are sold exclusively online and through our network of agents to prevent excessive profit-taking by retail outlets and thereby ensuring affordability and ease of obtaining a constant supply.

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